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Kent Ave or the Kent Place or Hell or Boneshack 2 is a four-bedroom apartment located in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn at 151 Kent Avenue, Apt 214.

It has metamorphosed through several incarnations over the years. In 2009-2010, the residents were Pledgemaster Clownhands, Nick Fesette, Lord Apolon, and Jake Tishler. Sally Kral was a sometimes permanent fixture at that time. Halfway through 2010, Tishler and Fesette moved out and were replaced with Andrew Whalen and Axton Frick. In 2011, Frick left and was replaced by Mason. In 2010-2011, Ali Fisher also became a sometime permanent fixture.

The apartment is considered to be one of the evolutions of the Boneshack, as many important events and parties have occurred and continue to occur here. Ongoing are Apolon's Dicktail Nights, the Kent Movie Marathon, and the Morning Evening Movie Hour with Apolon and Nick. Annually, a New Year's party is held. This is also where they shot the failed sitcom "Writer's Room" (151) and the Slamdance Official Selection short film Everyday. Kent Ave is also the location of the great trip in which The Trick was discovered.

Hell has been decorated differently several times. In the beginning there were many funny posters (e.g. blink-182, The Mystery of Edwin Drood) and bits of ironic trash on the wall (e.g. a broken revolver, a safari hat) culminating in the seminal Cloverdoo masterwork The Porn Wall. But in recent years this has all been removed and in its place are really cool indie posters and like paintings of fires. They got more furniture now too.

Since Whalen, Welles, and Mason left the domicile in early 2012 (40 hot dog controversy), Apolon remains as the only original roommate to still live there. Anthony and two other guys who no one ever sees moved in, along with Cat. Apolon had to buy a TV because Welles took his. The new TV is a real "piece of shit" (Chisholm, 2012) and makes images, including those culled from blu-rays, "look like a crappy Olsen twins TV seriously, why the fuck does it look like that? It makes me physically nauseous" (ibid).

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